Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why New Year's Resolutions Won't Work

Time flows by so fast and before we know it the first month of the year is almost at its end. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating another year over and declaring our vows to live life to the fullest this coming 2016. Who here has started the year with the traditional New Year's Resolutions? I know I did.

I remember the day I got my current phone. It was my first time to own an iPhone and I was so excited. I never touched it without washing my hands, it had a special pocket of its own in my bag, I even bought an expensive panda silicone case to protect it from scratches. And now, a year later, with a few minor scratches and one major scratch my phone has gone through a lot - and I mean a lot, but I never was able to maintain the reverence that my phone experienced when I first got it. My point is - there is something about new things that excite us, motivates us; but new things will eventually get old and that giddy feeling that we feel when new, shiny things come is gone and takes away its gift of excitement and motivation. And so, like the way my excitement and motivation has gone a few weeks after I got my phone, so does my excitement and motivation for the new year and my new year's resolutions (which I've only kept two weeks into the new year).

So what should we do to keep that excitement and motivation going? Should we just stop and let life do its thing? I don't think so. The thing is, we make resolutions but we don't specify what we should do about it. We resolve to "get fit this year" but we didn't say how. I was browsing the internet when and ad about getting productive. It turns out I've signed up for Filipina blogger Arriane Serafico's free productivity lessons. She gives advise on getting productive each day and youth empowerment. An e-mail I received was on New Year's Resolutions, and being busy those days, I ignored the e-mail and went on having New Year's Resolutions (which I've diligently done for two weeks). I read it the other day and just realized how wrong ignoring that message was.

According to Arriane, instead of having resolutions, have goals and action plans. What do you wanna achieve this year? What should you do to achieve that goal?

(credits to the owner)

Let's all do that. Put our dreams into writing, plan our strategy on achieving it, and work on it Every. Single. Day.

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