Thursday, February 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I wanna celebrate the last work day (for most) of the week by starting a new series called Friday Favorites where I will talk about random favorites of mine and hoping I can share something that might interest you. These stuff helped me start off February with positive vibes so here goes.

First on my list is Bianca Gonzalez's book entitled "Paano Ba 'To?!: How to Survive Growing Up", a book that contains advice and answers to questions that can help the youth survive the dog-eat-dog world of grown-ups. It has chapters that tackle issues on family, friendship, love, career & money, failure, fashion & beauty, self, and purpose. She starts each chapter with a quote, beautifully crafted by Abbey Sy. This costs PhP. 245 and is available at local bookstores. 

The next items on my list goes hand in hand. I am currently loving Nichido's Final Powder in So Natural and Elf Powder brush that cost me PhP. 150 and PhP. 250, respectively. What I absolutely love about Nichido's Final Powder is that it is so cheap compared to other loose powders in the market and it has a little bit of coverage (which is perfect for me since I don't like setting powders that interfere with my foundation shade). I absolutely hate the sponge that comes with it, though - too rough, it felt like I was using steel wool on my face. Removing the sponge from the packaging renders the powder to be not travel-friendly (I tried doing that and ended up having powder everywhere - not a good sight). I use this powder with Elf's powder brush which, I admit, is quite on the pricey side for a single brush, but I personally think powder brushes are worth investing in. This particular brush is one of the softest synthetic brushes that I've come across with, it has never shed, and it is so easy to clean. 

They say that if you want some change in life the easiest way to start is by adopting a new scent. I am loving For Me's Sugar and Spice - it's cheap (only PhP. 299), and not overwhelming (I'm not a huge fan of too flowery scents).

The one thing I hate about the cold weather is chapped lips. It makes me restless since I keep peeling the skin off (I know this makes things worse, I just can't help it). So aside from proper hydration I use a lip scrub paired with a lip balm with sun protection. I use an organic lip scrub from that costs PhP.70 and the medicated lip balm I got from last year's Nivea sale that costs PhP. 50.

Last, but definitely not the least, of today's Favorites is Zoella' 24 Days of Zoella and Vlogmas 2015. I don't think anyone is as enthusiastic as Zoe Sugg when it comes to Christmas and I love her for that. I also am a big fan of Christmas (somehow this holiday can really help all your troubles seem so far away). I didn't have much time to watch this during the holidays and I am catching up on these videos. We could never have enough good vibes and this definitely adds a LOT.

That's it for today's Friday Favorites. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Comment below anything that adds positive vibes on your day. Happy long weekend!

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