Thursday, February 18, 2016

Product Review: The Face Shop Clean Face Mild Lotion and Mild Toner

Toners and moisturizers are essential parts of our skin care routine. Both are part of the basics of the basics and usually go hand in hand. I got a pair of The Face Shop's Clean Face Toner and Lotion (moisturizer) last Christmas as gift from my mom and sister. The Face Shop products are generally too pricey for me and so this is my first tome to be able to use their products. I was so excited when I received these since they contain tea tree oil which they say is very good in helping oily skin. I've been using these both as a pair and paired of with different products and I wanna share with you guys my experience with it.

Mild Lotion/Toner
  • Tea tree Oil
  • Quick Clear Complex
  • This new and improved quick clear complex treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively.

I'd love to share with you guys what's written in the back but it's written in a foreign language (Korean I presume).

At first I used the two as a pair everyday for over two weeks as part of both my morning and evening skin care regimen. For cleanser I used Neutrogena's Transparent Facial Bar. The toner has the same consistency as water and the moisturizer has thinner consistency compared to other moisturizers (almost liquid-like). Both have no strong odor, they actually smell clean so that's a plus. The containers are similar: both are made of glass and has tin lid. For me they look pretty (nice to look at on top of my dresser) but I think the packaging is not economical. As a consumer I feel like I'm paying more on the packaging rather than the product itself (which is not nice especially when I can't reuse the bottles). They also aren't travel-friendly.

True to their name though, I saw the result of using these as part of my regimen a few days after I started. I had softer skin, the few spots on my chin and forehead had tamed and I did oil up less. The only bad thing that I've noticed about it is that I feel that I had to use more of the toner and it takes only a drop for the moisturizer to completely cover my face. Pretty soon I'll end up with too much of the moisturizer and none of the toner. I love the feel of the moisturizer, even if I have to apply make up on top of it, I still don't feel oily.

I did wanna know how each of these work with other products that I love and so I tried pairing the moisturizer with my holy grail toner, Olay Natural White 7in1 Hydrating Glow Toner and I used Dove Cream with the toner (although this moisturizer doesn't actually target oily skin, I have used it in the past and it goes great with my skin - no greasy feeling). 

I loved my skin when I used my holy grail toner with the Clean Face Mild Lotion. I had absolutely no break outs, my face was dewy but not oily and I have a healthy glow. There really was no wow factor when I used the Clean Face Mild Toner with the Dove Cream and I know it's not because of the moisturizer since Dove Cream is a tried and tested moisturizer to me. For the price of Clean Face Toner, that's really a bummer.

I believe both products are around PhP. 600 each and are available in all The Face Shop outlets nationwide. There is a third product in the Clean Face line which is the Clean Face Essence which, like the other two, also contains tea tree oil. I haven't tried this out yet and as of now, I don't think I'd be buying this since it's too pricey for me.

My verdict:

I would rate the Clean Face Mild Lotion a 4.5/5 (the .5 is because of the price - this would be a part of my holy grail products and all but I really have to save up to be able to afford to have this as a part of my daily regimen). The Mild Toner, on the other hand, has a different story - it cost twice as much as my holy grail toner and it didn't really made that much of a difference on my face. I would love to love it and would gladly make it work so I'll be using it with other products that I have so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. For now though, I'll give it a 3/5 since I was quite impressed with its performance when paired with the Mild Lotion (not as impressed as when I used Olay toner and Mild Lotion though).

So there it goes. I hope this review would be helpful to everyone and if you too have used these products, I would love to hear your experience with it! Follow me on instagram to get more updates on future blog posts! xoxo

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