Sunday, March 13, 2016

Manicure Monday

Confession: I'm obsessed with my nails. I have been since I've watched a local celebrity confessed that the nails are the one thing that she looks at and she believes that nails are the reflection of an individual's hygiene. I'm no OCD, but I tend to be very meticulous when it comes to personal hygiene.

I know I'm not the only girl in the world with this obsession and so I am dedicating an article series on this very topic. I usually have my nails professionally done once a month and maintain them on my own (every week for my hands and every two weeks for my toes), but I always allot two to three days to let my nails "breathe" by leaving them polish-free (usually weekends whenever there are no events and such). Mondays or Sundays are the usual days that I paint my nails fresh, something to make the start of the week more bearable.
This week's mani-pedi necessities are the following:

  • Chic Nail Color in African Violet (Regular); around PhP.30, Mercury Drugs
  • Cutex Nail Color in Charmed (Matte); PhP.99 (bought on sale, 50% off - around PhP. 50), Watson's
  • San San Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads; PhP.49, HBC
As you can see, I'm not really particular about the brands of my polish, just the colors. And I love coordinating my hand and toe colors. An acetone-free nail polish remover is also a must-have; I know most of us grew up with using acetone removers but acetone is a no-no in order to maintain our nail health. I am loving this San San pads since it is ready to use anytime you need to, it also does a good job in moisturizing my cuticles. The best thing about it? It's super budget-friendly!

I used the Cutex nail color on my fingernails and Chic on my toes.

Any nail color favorites? Please leave a comment below and follow me on instagram for more updates! Have a productive week!

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