Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Stuff (Non-Makeup) in my Bag

Happy Tuesday everybody! On today's Top 5 Tuesday, I'll be sharing with you guys the top five stuff that I always have in my bag, all the non-makeup once that is, cause let's be honest, that deserves a Top 5 Tuesday of its own.

1. Hanky

Call me old-fashioned but I'm that girl that always has a hanky in her bag. I have oily skin, am very sweaty, and I live in a tropical country; bringing a hanky around is just logical and it's the easiest way to freshen up. I also bring with me tissue and wet wipes, for additional boost of freshness whenever I need them, but a hanky's always the most reliable one.

2. Hand Cream

My hands tend to be so dry most of the time so I always have a hand cream with me. I'm in love with The Body Shop's hand cream in Shea Butter - a musky yet not overpowering smell and it does a great job in moisturizing my hands. It does cost a bit much for a tiny tube, but this stuff is really worth the money. I've learned my lesson in buying cheap hand creams that are not half as moisturizing as The Body Shop's and are really sticky, so I've been loyal to this one.

3. Umbrella

Philippines may be a tropical country, but we also get a lot of rain throughout the year, and mostly on days when you least expect it, so having one handy is really helpful. I got an automatic foldable one so that it can fit my bag.

4. Alcohol

Cleanliness is a must. This is something I've picked up from my mom. I keep my hands clean and the next best thing to soap and water is alcohol. I used to have hand sanitizer instead of alcohol, but sanitizers always left my hands sticky (something I can't stand), I have alcohol instead.

5. Sunglasses

Again, tropical country - sun is almost always beating down our necks and squinting is not good for the eyes (nobody wants premature wrinkles, and prevention is better than cure). My pair is from Sunnies Studios as I have discussed in my February Haul.

That's it for today's Top 5 Tuesday. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

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