Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Haul

Hauls are one of the many videos that really interest me in YouTube, I guess it's something that the nosy side of me really love. So it really gives me pleasure to share my very own February haul.

  • MUZ Facial Sheet Mask (buy two take 1 free Muz Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream); PhP.50, Mercury Drug
  • Sunnies Studios Sunglasses in Layla; PhP.399, Sunnies Studios  MOA
  • MUZ Skin Whitening Exfoliator (buy two take 1 free Muz Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream); PhP.29.50, Mercury Drug
  • This is me, Love Marie; PhP.295, National Bookstore
  • iWhite Nose Pack; PhP.199, Mercury Drug
  • iWhite 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Gel; PhP.25, Mercury Drug

  • St. Ives Blemish Control Exfoliating Scrub (Apricot);around PhP.200 ,Watson's
  • Quick FX Eyelift Cream; PhP.40, Watson's
  • 5pcs Washi Tapes; PhP.80, The Fashionology Boutique
  • Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub; PhP.73.75, Mercury Drugs
  • Verdon 1 Minute Keratin Treatment; PhP.20 each, The Fashionology Boutique
That's it for my February haul and I hope I have shared something new. Reviews of some of these products will be posted soon so follow me on instagram to keep updated! :)

Disclaimer: I didn't do a haul so I could brag about stuff that I buy. I am actually proud to say that I am a wise buyer and really think twice before buying anything. Like I mentioned above, I really do enjoy poking around other people's shopping bags and I enjoyed sharing what was in mine's. :)

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