Sunday, July 24, 2016

Manicure Monday: Obsessing over pastels

I have to admit that even though I'm a positive person, oftentimes, Mondays do get me down. Today, for starters wasn't a very good start for me - having that monthly "visits" and looking forward to a kindah stressful week isn't a very good combination. Still, I'm all for kicking Monday's ass so I did my work out, worked on my nails and now, working on this blog - you know what they say about working on the things that you love.

So, for the whole month of July I've been obsessing on pastel colors. Late June, I got bored with my current collection of nail polishes but I so wanted to paint my nails, so I borrowed one from my sister and got my hands on a Girl Stuff nail polish. I love the color which was a creamy white, but there is no label at all about what exact shade it is (not even a number).

The manicure did last a couple of days without chipping which is quite good given that I wasn't able to do my nails properly because the nail polish has gone all sticky and gooey (my sister has had it for over a year now).

After that I wanted more pastel shades badly, and since the nearest place I can get nail polish is from Puregold, I decided to check it out. And voila, I bought not one but THREE pastel nail polishes (plus a colorless top coat).

From top most: Gypsette from the Boho Chic Collection, Soju from the K-pop Collection, and Tsarina from the Kathryn Bernardo Collection.

I loved all these shades and although pastels don't really go well with morena skin, I felt like these three were quite good for my skin tone.

Soju (K-pop Collection):

Gypsette (Boho Chic Collection):

Unfortunately for the last shade, I think I got a bad batch because the polish was all gooey and thick and I wasn't able to apply it properly. 

The picture does not give justice to how ugly my nails looked! I couldn't stand seeing my nails like this, I just had to take them off immediately. It was a serious rip off. I know it only cost me PhP.33 but I want to get my money's worth for everything that I buy. I gave the nail polish another chance, to no avail. So disappointed with this one.

So that is it for today's Manicure Monday. Comment below your favorite nail polish shade - would love to give those a try. I wish you guys a happy and productive week ahead. Follow me on twitter and instagram for more updates. xoxo

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